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Lucas Milhaupt is now offering seminars throughout North America. Learn to increase brazing/soldering efficiency, reduce and control variable costs, eliminate costly rejects, and reduce field failures. Click here for more info.
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In addition to being a supplier of brazing and soldering products, we are also a complete source for technical information and assistance.

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Pre-packaged Brazing & Soldering Products
For brazing copper & copper alloys
General purpose brazing alloys
Lead free solders
Lead bearing solders
General purpose solder flux
Flux for soldering stainless steel
General purpose brazing flux
Handy One flux cored brazing rod
Flux coated brazing rod
Flux cored aluminum solder
The New Lucas-Milhaupt

For more than seventy years, you've relied on Lucas-Mlihaupt to provide superior brazing products. Our extensive product knowledge, ready inventory of brazing and soldering materials, and technical expertise has enabled us to offer our customer a level of support unmatched in the industry.

Since we became part of Handy & Harman in 1967, we've continued to grow our leadership position. Founded more than a century ago in 1867. Handy & Harman had long been recognized as a leading company in precious metal fabrication, processing and refining. Together, we have continued to raise the bar of quality and manufacturing excellence.

We've now taken another leap ahead - expanding our commitment to the metal joining industry - by acquiring the brands, manufacturing capabilities, and expertise of Wolverine Joining Technologies. Historically, Wolverine's offerings have complemented those in the Lucas-Milhaupt line, but have typically been sold through different outlets. This JOINING of two leaders offers YOU the advantages of both:

  • Expanded network of distribution points for even better availability
  • Expanded sales support network
  • Broader range of product line to better serve your needs
  • Commitment to USA manufacturing
  • Technical support - a recognized Lucas-Milhaupt strength!

Joining the legacies of these two industry leaders positions Lucas-Milhaupt to be even stronger, and to support our customers well into the future! The new, stronger brazing leader, with the backing of a global metals power.

The new Lucas-Milhaupt - committed to your metal joining needs today... and into the future.
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