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Lucas-Milhaupt Sets New Consolidated Product Lineup


March 3, 2014

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MILWAUKEE, WI, March 3, 2014 — Lucas-Milhaupt, Inc., an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Handy & Harman Ltd, and a global leader in brazing technology, has announced its new lineup of brazing products, reflecting results of their April 2013 acquisition of Wolverine Joining Technologies. The new product lineup, with all items now carrying the Lucas-Milhaupt brand name, rationalizes the combination of the two product lines made possible by the acquisition, ensuring improved availability to those distributors and technicians previously served by only one of the two brands.

The new Lucas-Milhaupt product lineup is:

  • Sil-Fos®
  • Silvaloy®
  • Silvabrite®
  • Handy One®
  • Easy-Flo®
  • Handy® Flux
  • Ultra Flux®

Starting mid-March customers will see changes to labels and product packaging as the brands begin to merge. Following are the highlights of what you will see:

The Lucas-Milhaupt family of silver, copper and phosphorus brazing materials (the American Welding Society BCuP alloys containing between 1 – 18% silver) presently sold under the SILVALOY® and SIL-FOS® names will merge to the SIL-FOS brand. The numbering system which relates to the percentage of silver was consistent with both brands (i.e. SIL-FOS 15 for 15% silver) will not change. In addition, the 0% silver copper/phosphorus alloys will retain the FOS-FLO® brand.

The Lucas-Milhaupt family of high-silver brazing materials (the AWS BAg Alloys containing greater than 18% silver) presently solder under the BRAZE™ and SILVALOY® names will merge to the SILVALOY brand. However we will continue to utilize the Lucas-Milhaupt numbering system. For example, BRAZE 505 and SILVALOY A50N, identical alloys, will now be sold as SILVALOY 505. In addition all silver-bearing products containing Cadmium will retain the EASY-FLO® name.

Finally, there will be no changes to our family of fluxes. The complete HANDY FLUX® and ULTRA FLUX® brazing flux product lines will continue to be offered with no change to formula, package or container size.

We assure you that the re-branding of these materials does not involve any changes to product composition or chemical formulation. We are simply merging names or numbering systems. For each of these changes listed above, we tried to minimize the impact to our customers. We understand these changes may cause issues in the near term and will do our best to assist you in this conversion. To help in this transition we have attached a cross reference sheet identifying the former and new product names and corresponding part numbers. Additional cross reference information is also available on our website at

For more than seventy years, customers have relied on Lucas-Milhaupt to provide them with superior brazing products. The firm’s extensive product knowledge, ready inventory of brazing and soldering materials, and technical expertise has enabled them to offer customers a level of support unmatched in the industry.

The acquisition of Wolverine has also enabled Lucas-Milhaupt to:

  • Expand its network of distribution points, ensuring availability of key inventory;
  • Expand its sales support network, enabling distributors to get their questions handled quickly and reliably;
  • Reinforce Lucas-Milhaupt commitment to USA manufacturing through the utilization of Wolverine’s manufacturing facilities and technologies to support the increased demand for brazing products in the U.S.; and
  • Further strengthen the combined operation’s technical support, already recognized as a Lucas-Milhaupt strength.

Lucas-Milhaupt, Inc. is a global leader in the development and application of brazing technologies, with offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia. The company is one of the world's leading suppliers of brazing and soldering materials to the electrical/electronic, appliance, transportation, construction and mining markets worldwide. The company offers a complete selection of metal-joining products, comprehensive fabrication services and knowledgeable technical support to their global network of customers. For further company background, visit the company website at

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